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The cacio e pepe recipe is one of the most ancient dish of the Italian cuisine. The legend date back the origin of this simply but delicious Italian spaghetti and cheese to Roman Empire. For centuries, cacio e pepe has been the perfect meal of the Roman shepherds.Despite what many people think, cacio e pepe recipe does not needs any oil, cream or butter. The starch inside the bucatini and the grated pecorino combined in the right way are enough to create the cacio e pepe sauce. As in many Roman recipes, the pepper have to be very abundant.

Note: Please consume or freeze our sauces within 2 days of delivery. Pasta expiring date on the label.

Ingredients : (allergens in BOLD)

Pasta: Wheat flour

Sauce: Pecorino, parmigiano, black pepper, butter, SOYA milk, black pepper.