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Who we are

Professional Pasta Artisans Delivering to your Home

Whether you’re trying to keep your meals interesting or just a carb lover, Man in Pastahas you covered.


We’ve been making fresh, artisanal pasta for London's top restaurants for the last 6 years, catering for the finest hotels, restaurants and events. However, in these turbulent times, we have now shifted our focus to offer home deliveries. We offer exactly the same high quality fresh pasta, produced daily, straight from our kitchen to your door paired with high quality organic sauces.


The brainchild behind Man in Pasta is Chef Massimo Mioli. He has been working for some of the best Fine Dining Restaurant in Italy and London for more than 20 years. During his career he has gained 2AA Rosettes for 5 years in a row as Head Chef.

 In 2014, he realised that it was difficult to find high quality, fresh pasta. He finally decided to start this new adventure together with his partner and friends.

What makes Man in Pasta unique?From the very start, we’ve focused on making the freshest and tastiest pasta in London. To do this, we work with great care and attention to detail. We exclusively source all of our ingredients from accredited suppliers who are equally committed to delivering outstanding quality.


What is your signature? Bigoli! It’s a thick, rough spaghetti that has the perfect consistency to absorb the right amount of sauce. You can find this shape mainly in the Veneto region of Italy where we were born. Another great signature is our vegan pasta, which is really tasty and light.

Locals would be surprised to know…We supply the major Michelin-starred restaurants in London. Also, our team members are all Italian, from the same region- Veneto.

How can locals keep their meals interesting during Lockdown 2.0?Each week, we add a new recipe and a special guest product to all of our subscribers.


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